• Espresso Fix

    Intensive mentoring through a tough time
    • A month of intensive mentor support
    • Short, strong and does what it says
    • Action points as follow-up for accountability
    • Unlimited support through a challenging month
    • 20 minute calls or zooms when you need it
    • Interviews, marketing, dissertations, parenting/job issues
  • Best Value

    Confidence at Work

    6 session coaching block
    • 4-step programme to become more confident at work
    • Replace anxiety, self-doubt and low self-esteem
    • For anyone with a challenging boss or work culture
    • Regular check-ins and support throughout this block
    • 6 session coaching programme to suit any schedule
  • Change Your Life

    Find the motivation and sense of purpose to make that change
    • A block of 6 coaching sessions over 6 weeks
    • Assess your strengths, values and skillset for your future
    • Unlimited clinics and catch-ups during this time
    • Zoom calls to fit any schedule
    • Move forward in the right direction to a life you love