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Imposter Syndrome at work

Luke had worked at his company for over 10 years, and on the surface, was flying high. But he'd wake up every Monday and feel that familiar dread of "I just need to get through the day". He was a top performer, but felt compelled to constantly prove just how good he was.  He was hypervigilent and had become obsessive about constructing perfect emails,  beginning to miss deadlines and rush from meeting to meeting as he over-prepared and double-checked everything.

Career change at 40

Jo was an entrepreneur with a successful yoga and nutritional business that she was proud to have built up from scratch. She was however, realising that she felt increasingly disillusioned about her business, jaded from the amount of admin work to market her classes, and missing the connection with her clients as her business went to online sessions during the pandemic. 

Her biggest concern was that the health and wellness benefits that her clients were feeling, was actually leaving her feeling drained and exhausted.

Work life balance 

Simon was a textbook case of a healthcare professional who'd worked extremely hard all his life, and was now looking around and wondering what life was all about. As a consultant at a busy city hospital trust, he was suffering along with the rest of the medical profession with post-covid backlog and the chronic effects of over-work. He was extremely resilient and focused on patient care and medical excellence despite the hospital struggling in the new VUCA world (the term for the post-pandemic world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). This had however, resulted in a wildly unsustainable work life balance, as he was mentally and emotionally on call 24/7 to respond to his patients, his team, and the hospital's ever-increasing needs.  

Post-graduation blues

Lola was destined for great things, with a first from a well-respected university, an upbeat lively personality and a great group of friends and supportive family.  The world was her oyster and she worked diligently on her studies to get her well-deserved first.  Life started to unravel for her after she graduated, with the pandemic putting  up barriers to travel plans and work, let alone any volunteering abroad to springboard a potential career in international relations. 

Languishing to

Sarah was an intelligent, stylish woman living in a gorgeous leafy suburb, but languishing in a life that had stagnated, rather than evolved. She couldn’t muster up any excitement as a new phase in her life came closer and her old one ended. Her children were rapidly leaving for the independence of college, work and travel, and her husband and her were talking of moving house to free up time and equity. Her energies had been focused on supporting and caring for others, and an empty nest coupled with the house move was creating the perfect foundation for a new start. But she just couldn't face any change