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Before the coaching I felt confused and frustrated, by the end I had clarity around what I wanted to do (and what I didn't) as well as a greater understanding of myself.


6 week blocks (1 hour sessions)

Something needs to change.  You may not be sure what, but it's just not working as it is.  Changing your life is more than just moving house or changing a job.  Often we have fallen into deep-rooted patterns that mean we don't actually move on.  We go into the same type of relationships, face the same problems at work, or have the same sense of "there's more to life than this".   And this change can be small, regular changes, or a larger commitment to change at a deeper level.

If you are working harder and harder but not sure what exactly you are getting from it, or where you are going, this will help you find some clarity.  There are ways to approach a career transition or life change, without giving up everything you've worked so hard to achieve. 


You might want just to alter the focus of your work, or know you want to change your lifestyle, as it just isn't sustainable at the moment.  You're overworked, underappreciated, or just fed-up. Something isn't working. 

Change coaching will provide the catalyst and support to help you change course so you can have a life you love. You will be confident, calm and clear about your decisions, and the ways forward. 

Rebalance your life

For some people it may be rebalancing their work life balance to a state of harmony, and finding new approaches to flex your life so you have a sustainable, healthy way of living and working.

Reignite your passion for life

You might have loved your job at one stage, but are now feeling overloaded, or jaded.  But there is a spark in there, it just needs to be gently fanned into flames.

Rekindle your zest for life again

Find your motivation and confidence, and start doing all the things you love again.  Unravel what you really need and want, and start to create a life that works for you and makes you happy.  

All coaching is run as blocks of 6, as dedicated 1 to 1 sessions. At the end of the first block, we will assess where you are with your Coaching Outcomes, and look at the areas you'd like to build on.  Throughout the coaching block, you can text or message me for support and advice, and all sessions have follow up emails with action points, which feedback shows is a huge help to keep focus and clarity. 

Get yourself back on track with a life you love again, or discover new directions in a 6 week block programme.