1. Is coaching different from counselling?

Coaching is a unique and empowering experience, allowing you to navigate your thought patterns to negotiate the complexities of your life and achieve what you really want in life. Our new Covid-19 environment has left many facing change that needs careful consideration and a professional approach.  The important difference is that it doesn't counsel you around a pathology that needs fixing.  Coaching is about you wanting to create a life intentionally that works better for you, with a work life balance that is in harmony with your values.  Coaching works with anyone who wants to focus on any area of their life, and spans life coaching, mentoring, career coaching, mindset coaching, accountability couching and personal development coaching.  Crucially, it's positive. No delving in to trauma, unworked-through issues, pathologies or things best left to psychotherapists. 

2. Is it a science or an art?

Coaching is a blend of science and art.  I work holistically using positive psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).  These pull together theories from a multitude of disciplines such as linguistics, gestalt theory and existential philosophy.  It touches on many science-informed interventions and approaches, with layers of meaning and insight uncovered as the sessions progress. 

As a licensed Firework (TM) career coach, I have a structured evidence-based framework for aligning your skills and values, to bring your passions and creativity to a business or career that really works for you. A career and life coach like myself will also bring rapport, insight and a non-judgemental "I'm your best fan club" to your consultations. The key thing is that it's looking forward, to your future.  I use various tools and models, from the Japanese ikigai 'reason for being', to psychodynamic profiling, to the metaphor and story-telling narrative of the Hero's Journey, based on Carl Jung's archetypes and psychological analysis.

3. Why go to a coach?

The singer Goldie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman are all fans of life coaching. Oprah Winfrey's coach, talks about 'how to avoid going back to a job that makes us miserable', in our post-covid rush for normality, but points out that we have to put our happiness before societal expectations.  This is crucial. Coaching is about inspiring people to take action - ultimately to be happier, usually with some false barrier that is stopping them. You may be mid-career, a post-graduate feeling depressed or anxious, or reassessing how much time you want to spend working, and how much living.  You may have specific areas that you want to look at - children leaving home, a new path in your life to explore, a new relationship.  Or maybe you’ve reached a peak or plateau and not sure of the next step and wondering is a career change at 40 is possible.  If you are going round in circles, or feeling stuck, coaching is for you. 


Your life really can be amazing, but at various points we can find ourselves languishing or increasingly, becoming a workaholic.  Unable to really know how to get our of your rut, or step off the treadmill.  A professional coaching collaboration will help you understand why you are procrastinating or unable to find the confidence or trust in your own decisions. "Can I really do this?"  you want to know.  Well, let's work it out professionally with some coaching sessions, so you can go forward in your full knowledge that you are doing the right thing, for you. 


4. Can I use coaching for my work or career?

Absolutely. If you are feeling in a routine, stressed or experiencing difficulties at work, coaching can give you insight into how to turn this around.  The people and interpersonal relationships at work are fundamental, and dedicating time to review all aspects of your work, whether paid, voluntary or an entrepreneurial start-up, can hugely improve your work performance and confidence. Coaching can give you tools and options to get through it. The impact of covid has also created an epidemic in unhelpful work life balance - with people at the two ends of this continuum.  People languishing - not quite depressed, but not exactly flourishing and people who are workaholics. There are often more options than you realise, and combining your passion with your career where you feel fulfilled and in the right place, is absolutely possible.  It does takes a bit of work, but I will help you create a framework to get there.

5. Why do I need a free initial introductory call?

It’s really important that you feel comfortable with life coaching and to with me.  So that's why I usually ask you to book a free call to see if you think we'll be a good fit.