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This 6 session programme replaces self-doubt and anxiety with self-belief and confidence at work.  You may have challenging bosses, a difficult work culture or feel adrift and isolated.  You may feel stressed, not yourself at work or under too much pressure to keep up appearances.  


These 4 Steps will address any limiting beliefs or imposter syndrome that is holding you back, and build confidence and self-belief in yourself and your role.

Step 1: False feelings at Work

Identify which imposter may be managing your performance at work  - Perfectionist, Soloist, Natural Genius, Superhero or Expert. Recognise which imposter beliefs are holding you back and how to address them. 


Step 2:  Evidence at Work 

Review a full assessment of your talents, strengths and skills.  Attribute your achievements to you, and gain confidence.

Step 3:  Appearances at Work

Establish how you manage your different identities at work and other areas of your life. How people perceive you, and your self-concept.

Step 4: Reality at Work

Reframe the reality of work, your image, and your self-belief.  Use your new toolkit to recognise them, and use them to bring about a positive outcome. 

If you feel like you are wearing a mask, or exhausted by walking on eggshells, this will boost your confidence and performance at work.