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Become motivated, confident and create a life you love

For people who want career coaching or personal development coaching to live their best life.  

  •  Career development

  • Work issues and challenges

  • Confidence boosting

  •  Self-esteem building

  • Children or partner leaving home

  • Personal development

  • Identity and self-image

  • Move to a new life stage

  • Rekindle a zest for life

  • Mid-life need for change


6 week career coaching
Work Life Balance

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or near burnout with anxiety or stress from work or life, I can help you balance your life again.

Work life balance is essential to living a sustainably happy life, that fulfils you and give you a sense of purpose.  Get yourself back on track with a job you love again, or discover new career paths in a 6 week package.

Monthly check in

Accountability Coaching

Keep yourself on track with a monthly accountability check-in.


Your plans are solid, your intention and motivation is good, but you need an independent accountability coach to keep the momentum going and avoid strategic drift from your aims and goals.    

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12 session career transition
Living the Dream

If you've lost your mojo, the chances are you've lost your  aspirations for a career that gives you a sense of purpose.


This is a tried and tested 12 session programm to support you with the skills and the confidence so you can make that transition to really living and working your dream.

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Accredited Life Coach

Master NLP Practitioner

& Licensed Firework Career Coach

I am professionally trained in coaching, NLP and CBT.  I belong to and contribute to coaching organisations including Association for Coaching, and volunteer in the marketing team with Coaching through Covid.  I am a licensed career Firework coach.


I've also overcome redundancy, burnout and challenging work situations, volunteered abroad, started a business.  Putting this experience alongside evidence-based pyschological coaching has been invaluable.

I work with you, coaching you through tried and tested career and life development programmes that help you live your best life. Whatever that may be.


"Ella had all sorts of tools up her sleeve to aid me in finding my own answers and solutions. She has an ability to hear beyond what is being said. She balances professionalism with warmth and kind heartedness" 

Health professional, NHS



Ella Clark

St Agnes, Cornwall​

Tel: 07597157194


Verified professional membership with qualifications, insurance cover and membership to a professional body

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Professional member of the Association for Coaching, who agrees and abides to the Global Code of Ethics for coaches, mentors and supervisors and the AC Coaching Competency Framework.

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