How to get positively happy & love your life...

Feeling confused or going round in circles?

I can help you think clearly about:

  • Changing career at any stage of your life

  • Work issues and challenges

  • New study or education

  • Low mood or self-esteem

  • Children or partner leaving home

  • Personal development

  • Identity and self-image

  • Inability to move on past a relationship

  • Rekindle a zest for life

  • Mid-life need for change

  • Feeling overwhelmed or anxious

You just need more confidence to trust in what you want to do, but can't seem to get there.

You don't want life to pass you by just because you're too busy to stop!

Become motivated, confident, and create a life you love


...find calm

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or near burnout with anxiety or stress from work or life, I can help you explore and identify what needs to change.

I can show you how to create a state of calm that will help you deal with your life in a more empowered, revitalised way. . . whatever curve-balls life is throwing at you.


If you have lost your mojo, the chances are that an unfulfilling job is behind it.

I can help you identify your values and align your work to your authentic self, bring passion and focus to your life.  Work life balance isn't about putting work into a box, it's about breaking out of the box.

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...Spring offer

If you're feeling constantly tired, overwhelmed and simply don't know what to prioritise next - this is for you.


6 weeks to create plans to balance your work & life better, get more time back for the things that matter to you, things you want to do, not things you have to do.


Half-price to say thank you to teachers & NHS staff keeping us going through the pandemic. 

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Accredited Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner

I focus on coaching people who are successful, highly capable and able to turn their hand at many things. But who also sometimes need professional, impartial and motivational coaching to move that one step forward to where they really want to be.​

I've had a fantastic career in marketing and communications that has taken me around the world, working and volunteering for both multinational corporates, conservation and the well-being and health sector.  But I've also faced redundancy, burnout and challenging work situations. This has made me question more about compassionate workplaces, and how coaching can support people as an alternative to HR departments if you are feeling alone. 


Confidence has become my personal mantra and I have spent my life encouraging people to understand how to become confident in any aspect of their lives. Once they can do this, they can trust their decisions confidently to follow their hearts and their heads, towards a happier, more fulfilled life.

I am professionally trained in coaching, NLP and CBT.  I belong to and contribute to coaching organisations including Association for Coaching, and Coaching through Covid.


"Ella had all sorts of tools up her sleeve to aid me in finding my own answers and solutions. She has an ability to hear beyond what is being said. She balances professionalism with warmth and kind heartedness" 

Health professional, NHS



Ella Clark

St Agnes, Cornwall​

Tel: 07597157194

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