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Coaching can be focused on reducing anxiety or stress, gaining self-esteem and confidence, bouncing back after a difficult time, or you just need an intelligent, non-judgemental and open discussion with a professional to gain some insight. All programms are 6 weeks, with a set price, to ensure you create some change, new thoughts, habits or feelings.  It's not easy, with preparation work, hard thinking, some creative visualising and difficult conversations.  But it's fun, insightful and you get thorough assessments and follow-up reports as part of the coaching program. It's not all fluffy.  Not that fluffy isn't good, we like our PETs (our positive empowering thoughts) compared to our ANTs (gremlin-like automatic negative thoughts) . . . more on neuroscience-backed techniques when we start a programme.   My programmes blend personal development coaching and career coaching to 

Work Life Balance - 6 weeks

If you are wondering what life is all about, and trying to remember what you love doing, or when you last did it - this is just for you.  The chances are you've got so busy with work, with family, with responsibilities and 'things you have to do' - that enjoying your life has been put on hold. The good news is that the fulfilling part of life, with experiences that make life worth living, and 'life with things you want to do' is still out there. It just needs some balance again. Find your mojo again with a 6 week programme to get some balance back, and rekindle a zest for life. 
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Career Clarity - 6 weeks

If you are feeling that you are working harder and harder but not sure what exactly you are getting from it, or where you are going, I can help you find some clarity. Feeling that you are in the right job is essential to living a happy life - one that fulfils you and give you a sense of purpose.   Get yourself back on track with a job you love again, or discover new career paths in a 6 week programme.

Happiness Unblocker - 6 weeks

We've all had to reinvent ourselves along the way, and our lives too.  Some lives have been full of surprises, of passions, or lessons to be learnt as we move into different life phases and different roles.  So isn't now a great time to create a life you really love - whether it's a turning your passion into a career, or moving to a new country, to living life under your terms?  But something is blocking you. You don't quite know what, but this is what's stopping you being truly happy.  The good news is that you can find and work on your blocks, whether they are financial, confidence, lack of clarity, or a self-sabotaging gremlin or mindset, and create a happier life that's true to you, and what you need.  

We will work through a blend of self development and career coaching through Explore, Dream and Discover areas  (Firework coach TM) to create a future blueprint for you that unblocks your happiness, and brings out your true potential.  This is a tried and tested 6 session program to support you with the skills and the confidence so you can make that transition to really living and working your dream life. 

All programmes includes psychodynamic profiling, values assessments and various toolkits to assess your full spectrum of your potential, your personal or professional knowledge bank, and self-saboteur assessments to provide a solid foundation for a happier life.  Like everything worth investing in, you get alot back. You get the life you want, with everything you need for a happier, healthier, balanced life - and you can refer back to it at any stage of your life.