Man on the Shore

Case Studies

Career Change

Tom felt miserable, and in a rut at work. No-one recognised his skills, and he felt completely taken for granted at work, unable to shine. He was extremely talented in digital work, but trapped in an admin role that didn't play to his ENFP personality type and strengths.  The crunch came when he was due to negotiate a day off a week, to help his  fledgling online business get off the ground. . . 

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Post-graduation stress disorder (yes it's got a name!)

Lola's student life had left her with a first class state of avoidance and anxiety, as well as a first class degree.  She didn't feel equipped to nagivate the myriad of career paths, voluntary roles, travel abroad - let alone her financial need to "just get a job" . She richoched between researching guaduate jobs in large multinationals to applying for au pair jobs to feeling totally overwhelmed and hiding under the 'duvet of despair' . . . 

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Midlife crisis anyone?

Abi was intelligent, sophisticated and due to move house in a few months.  Downsizing to an open-plan place by the sea was everything she and her husband had wanted, but she was feeling increasingly anxious as she realised her existing life was changing, and she wasn't totally sure she wanted to let it go.  She was exhausted from the mental strain of richocheting from excitement to complete fear, and didn't feel she could trust her decisions anymore . . .

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Work Life Balance

Sam was working his way up the medical ladder to establish himself as a well-respected anaesthetist.  However, as the pandemic crisis was  becoming chronic rather than acute, so were his feelings of working 24/7, with no respite and lack of motivation as days rolled into nights into days. He'd recently been offered a promotion in a different city, and was conflicted about keeping his family and life where they were all just feeling settled, or moving for the sake of his career . . . 

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