Next steps and moving forward - (4 sessions)


This programme is aimed at graduates who are in an extremely challenging period of their lives.  You need strong support within a short timeframe or deadline, for the next phase of your life or career.  If you are  staying awake at night, feeling overwhelmed, saying to yourself that you "just need to get through the day" or obsessing endlessly, in a state of anlysis paralysis without any resolution, this is for you.


Coaching will help give you some control over your life, so you can trust your decisions and organise your time and life the right way.  


4 short but intensive sessions of 40 minutes espresso coaching to troubleshoot, cut through, and find workable solutions to get you through this time:

  • accountability for dissertation or projects

  • Interview preparation and rehearsal

  • coaching for challenging cultures and difficult leaders

  • career transition and development

  • next move after redundancy or career shifts

  • work placements, sabbaticals and volunteering

  • imposter syndrome and lack of recognition

  • re-entering the job market

  • career change and freelancing

*Please note, any programme is available as a gift if you want to offer support and pay for a programme for someone. Please note of course that the discussions and outcome will be completely client-focused and confidential. 

Image with thanks to @SarahBuntPhotography and @bodyboardholidays